Video installation, 2017

The work thematizes the way power, control, and discrimination manifest in the form of self-discipline involving the most intimate parts of the body and life, and how desire is constructed from wanting to meet requirements.

Researcher and curator Oksana Briukhovetska

The conflict between personal desires and standards, promoted by society unfolds, in an epic drama if not tragedy in the work of Alina Kleytman "For the first five years of our marrige, your father did not know I had hair down there". Isolated claustrophobic space of this work entangles spectators (mostly viewers) with a web of fears generated by the failure to meet the standard. Fatal spinning web of nylon-revolutionary material, from which the textile industry weaves the ideal shells. But the ideal is always ruthless and requires bloody victims.

 curator in Visual Culture Research Center, Fulbright Scholar Lesia Kulchynska